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Do You Feel Paralyzed about Sorting through the Items a Loved One Left Behind?

You may have inherited a home after a loved one has died. Or you may need to remove items from an apartment or assisted living space.

You’re already suffering a loss. Now you’re expected to determine what to keep, sell, donate or dispose of. What if you make the wrong decision and something is gone forever? But if you keep everything, where will you put it? This process can feel overwhelming at such an emotional time.

Altogether Organized professionals offer sensitivity, understanding and clarity. Our goal is that you keep the good memories of your loved ones, and let go of the guilt of passing along the possessions you don’t want. And our positive attitude will support you until the process is complete. We help in these ways:

  • Work by your side to help you choose what to keep, give to family and friends, or release
  • Connect you with estate sale professionals, appraisers and dealers as you need them
  • Arrange for other items to be donated, sold or disposed of

Find peace in making good decisions during a vulnerable time.

Call Linda Goldman, our Certified Professional Organizer® and Founder, at 847-266-9166, or email us at