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Do You Need Help Letting Go of Items You Can’t Seem to Get Rid of?

Hoarding can be embarrassing and frightening. You attach meaning to the items in your home that others don’t see—or understand. You may feel ashamed to let people visit. And you might feel hurt by comments from family or friends.

When you decide to make a change and are working with a therapist to support you, Altogether Organized can help. Our professionals don’t judge. They are skilled at assisting you in these ways:

  • Let go of excess items
  • Develop criteria for what and how much to keep
  • Create places for your remaining things
  • Collaborate with your therapist to support you through the purging process

Take back your home!

Call Linda Goldman, our Certified Professional Organizer® and Founder, at 847-266-9166, or email us at info@altogetherorganized.org.