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Does Your Office Make You Feel Productive—or Like Taking Your Work to a Coffee Shop?

Whether you have a corner office—or an office in a corner of your home—you go there to get work done.

It’s frustrating when you waste time looking for things you know are there. With piles of papers on your desk, chair or floor, it’s hard to focus and feels stressful. And it’s embarrassing when people call and you can’t immediately find the information you need.

Altogether Organized professionals know how to design an office around how you work. The results will mean greater productivity in a welcoming space:

  • Eliminate paper piles (now and going forward)
  • Sort, purge and organize your papers (no matter how many you have!)
  • Learn what to keep, toss and shred
  • Develop or refine your filing system
  • Use paper processing methods so you get more done
  • Establish mail and bill paying systems

Be happy to work in your office!

Call Linda Goldman, our Certified Professional Organizer® and Founder, at 847-266-9166, or email us at