Organizing to Show and Sell Your Home

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Is Your Home Ready to “Show Off”?

You’ve picked up and cleaned your house. But that’s just the first step in making it attractive to a buyer.

The professional organizers at Altogether Organized help you create a space where people can see themselves living. When this happens, potential buyers are more likely to love and purchase your home.

But we also know you may be living in your house until it sells, so our organizers make practical recommendations. This is how we help:

  • Remove the clutter by working with you to sort through your items, so you only move what you want into your new home
  • Prepare and stage your home so it’s attractive to potential buyers—and still livable for you
  • Organize your belongings so they are ready for the upcoming move
  • Arrange for items you no longer need to be donated, disposed of, or sold

Make it easy for buyers to love your home—and for you to move!

Call Linda Goldman, our Certified Professional Organizer® and Founder, at 847-266-9166, or email us at