We love what we do and are told that it shows! Our clients tell us they appreciate that we are nonjudgmental, confidential and professional in our work. We strive to make the office and home organizing process enjoyable.


"Linda has been so important to our family, helping us make room for our new baby girl. While pregnant she recalibrated the layout of our Chicago apartment to create space for the nursery and also reorganized places like our kitchen and living areas to accommodate baby equipment, bottles, and everything else she needs. Babies come with so much stuff! Since having our baby she has truly helped to simplify our chaotic life! It feels so good to purge and reorganize and make room for the new person living here.  A session with Linda is like having a physical trainer, therapist, and interior decorator all at once!! "

"Your help has been awesome so I have been bragging about you to everyone I know.  In a very short time, it is fair to say that you have transformed not only my office but my household.  I feel less stressed, and my ability to better manage tasks and appointments means less stress for my loved ones too.   I still have more to do, but now I’m looking forward to working on the office and other organization projects, rather than just feeling overwhelmed.  It really helps to have someone as knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with as you.  Thanks a million!"
Alison Aldrich

Linda is amazing. Over the past few years, she has helped me with various projects in my ongoing desire to become more organized. She is incredibly easy and fun to work with.  She is genuinely engaged in the process--she LOVES helping people get organized--and she is warm and friendly.  Linda has a clear sense of what can and cannot be accomplished in a 3-hour time frame. She gets started right away and is incredibly efficient while balancing sensitivity to the emotional work of decluttering/organization and moving forward to create a more harmonious environment. The true test of her work for me has been my ability to maintain a lot of the way she has helped my organize my newly renovated kitchen, my den, and my common room workspace. Linda's service is definitely worth it. I would say that I'd hire her again, but I already have.
Ann C.

"Thank you so much for your help! I cannot express the relief I have felt since you dug in and found that new room for me. To be rid of the piles and clutter feels like such a weight has been lifted. I look forward to our continued work!"
Highland Park

"I am happily working in my beautiful, inspirational office and am so thankful to you.  Because of your time, I found the papers needed to close out my dad's estate, used my computer to bookmark some sites on my computer that I would have otherwise clipped from magazines, and feel inner peace!! I am excited to continue our work! Thank you again."

"I didn't think I needed a professional organizer when I was packing my house to move cross country. I thought I should be able to tackle the job myself. I am so happy I quickly discovered how Linda made an otherwise completely daunting and overwhelming task so much fun. She not only helped me organize my house to show and sell, but taught me life skills that I will continue to use for a long time to come. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that wants to experience the sheer joy and calm that comes over you when your surroundings are organized and you are able to quickly find what you need".
Gwenda Burkhardt
Highland Park

"I love the sense of calm I feel once Linda Goldman of Altogether Organized has worked
her magic on a room. Superfluous papers and items are gone, and the space is orderly
and attractive.Linda has transformed many rooms in my house. As a result, cleaning up and
straightening is a breeze, every object has a place, and I can find things immediately.
Thank you so much, Linda, for adding serenity where there was once the stress of
clutter! And I no longer waste time searching."
Highland Park

"Linda is just so good at seeing how to take a space apart and puzzling the way to put it back together. She is impeccably professional, unerringly kind, buoyantly positive, and simply excellent at what she does. I always look forward to seeing her and working with her, and I know when she leaves I will feel good about the progress we've made on whatever project we're tackling. I feel one of her best qualities is her gentle but firm guidance on how to follow up after the appointment is over so that the work that we've done together is maximized. She is an empathetic, wonderful person and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to tackle some organizational projects. My husband is a huge fan as well and has worked with her on some of his own organization projects. It's refreshing to meet someone who is so good at what she does and so obviously enjoys it."
Vanessa Griffin
Hawthorn Woods

"You did such a wonderful job of helping me make the transition of leaving my home to pursue my future, I will forever be grateful for your gentle ways and strong guidance."
Denise Delves

"Just finished working with Linda and Altogether Organized to clean out my Mom's house for sale. There was 30+ years worth of stuff - some of it treasures, some of it garbage, and a lot in between. Linda helped put together a great plan to get the most for what was worth something, and get the rest donated or dumped. 
We were on a tight schedule to get the house on the market for the Spring selling season and she made it happen. I am happy to say the place is now empty, clean and I feel like we got good value what was there. Her contacts were important for making things runs smoothly and getting good value for what we had, while minimizing the cost of final clean out. 
If I ever have to do it again, I'll definitely give her a call."
As Posted on Yelp

"Still can't get over what a great job you did and how great my house looks!!Wish I would have done this sooner!"
M Forbes
Highland Park

"Linda gave me the guidance, direction and action I needed to move forward with my home organization projects.  She knew the right questions to ask so I could make quick decisions about what made sense for me to keep — and where and how to keep it in my home.  I was thrilled with how much we accomplished in our session!"
Ilana S.

"Linda is incredible. She is extremely personable and professional. She has been helping me for a few years now and has done a fabulous job organizing multiple rooms in my house (including my garage and basement). She is so sweet and friendly, she practically feels like part of the family when she comes over. She is also EXTREMELY efficient. I trust her completely and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little, or a lot of organizational help. Altogether Organized is the best in my book! "
Buffalo Grove

"We are LOVING the newly organized kitchen. It's like you created space out of thin air!"
J. W.

"You are really good!! The support I received in my move was incredible- beyond expectations. I have to move again and I'm not losing sleep  because you are helping me!
Molly McKenna
Lake Forest

"Working with Altogether Organized has been life changing. They dug me out and now I think like a more organized person!"

"The whole experience was terrific, from my first contact to the home visits.  I had many areas in my home I wanted to tackle, but the consultants helped me to prioritize which areas would make the most difference in how I felt in my house.  We started with the bedroom and our study, which were both disaster areas.  Now, after two sessions, we've made the shift from being basically disorganized in those rooms and feeling despair, to having systems in place that make it a pleasure to keep neat and tidy.  It has really changed how we live day to day, and made our house a much more welcoming place.  We can now leave our bedroom doors open when company is over!"
Jen Small

"When I was sharing with a friend my anxiety and distress at having to figure out what to do with 15 years of accumulated things in my soon-to-be-fixed-up basement, she suggested I call Altogether Organized.  Being inherently frugal by nature, the thought of spending money to do something that I should be able to do did not make me happy. But clearly, if I were able to do it well, I wouldn't have had a cluttered basement that was overwhelming me! It has proven to be the BEST call I've made in years! Linda Goldman, the owner, came to my home, calmly assessed the area and for the next three hours we sorted through antiques, bagged future donations, boxed papers that needed shredding and finally, carried out garbage bags full of what needed to have been tossed years ago.  We were quick, focused and incredible productive.  I was so pleased I brought my friends in to admire our work!  It was such an amazing time/money investment that I have had Linda come two more times to help with other problem areas - my kitchen and home office. I can now say (with conviction!) that I have eliminated the clutter in my home, and established a much better organizing system going forward. Linda was professional, patient, warm and encouraging every step of the way and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of her expertise."
Janet Olsen

“Linda provides an invaluable service that has impacted my ability to enjoy my house, as well as my work space. I have been become more efficient, and have a better sense of well-being because of her efforts. Its not just organization: Its Linda's non-judgmental, goal-oriented, and warm manner that facilitate her magic. I am thrilled that someone like Linda is available and hope to use her services for many years to come.”
Judy Katz

"DeeDee and Lisa have been godsends to me and my home.  It is the greatest feeling in the world to be able to find things again!  I consider this project a great investment that will reap endless positive returns, for which I will not only have an organized home, but I will also have the tools to keep it organized.  Thank you so much!"
Buffalo Grove

 “When I started with Altogether Organized, I was concerned that I would be embarrassed in asking for help, However, the process was such that I was strengthened and respected. Lisa was tremendously resourceful and creative in solving problems and finding solutions. In addition, she was extremely sensitive to my needs, and while she often guided me to the path ahead, I was never pushed. When I felt at a loss in not knowing how to “do things right” Lisa was very supportive and respectful, I felt that I was being assisted by a friend – a very knowledgeable, professional, considerate and delightful friend.”
Jewell Gregory

 "I was feeling so overwhelmed by the many piles of papers (bills, notes from school, invitations to respond to, bank statements etc.) constantly coming in , stacked in different ways hoping I'd remember what was what, but with no "Home" for them.  DeeDee worked with me to devise a system that made sense to my lifestyle and created "homes" for all of my (and my children's) papers.  There is now a place for everything and everything has its place!  I am eternally grateful!"
Heidi Z.

"Linda is just the professional organizer I needed to help me get organized. She quickly determines a course of action and then we get right to work. She is intelligent, thoughtful and kind, making hard work as fun as it can be, and keeping me from feeling bad about all the things that I have accumulated."
Amy S.

"'Awesome' -- that was my son's surprised comment when I walked him into his room yesterday.  It looks great and he really feels good about what we did.  SO do I!"

"Altogether Organized is amazing! They completely reorganized our storage room with their innovative layout ideas. Lisa Gruchot has helped me numerous times with my children's rooms, their toys and our master closet. She can transform an area quickly and thoroughly. Her pleasant personality makes her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Altogether Organized and will definitely call them again!"
Ann F.
Lake Forest, IL

“DeeDee’s help created a dramatic transformation to my bedroom area which had become out of control. She helped to restore order and function and brought an amazing improvement to the quality of my lifestyle. You can really be proud of the work you and your organizers do and the difference that you make in the lives of your clients.”
Kathleen M.

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Lisa. I am really enjoying my newfound, well-organized space. The best thing about organizing is freeing your mind to think of other things besides where you last saw something that you need! If I regress, I'll be back :) !”
Terri Lorenz

“After accumulating years of papers and receipts that I thought were 'important' and filing them in more than one location, I thought the job of organizing my papers would take hours and be terribly painful. Linda made the task seem almost effortless and believe it or not... FUN! She knows what she is doing, and does not waste time getting to the job at hand. I recommend Altogether Organized for anyone who knows what they need in organization, but doesn't think they have the time or fortitude to do it alone.”
Highland Park

“Linda rescued me from chaos. She helped me establish systems for efficient functioning and to maintain a comfortable level of order in my home.”
Deanne Gibbs-Brown

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me get organized. You’ve made sense of all the things I was having trouble getting a handle on. Your ideas, patience and sense of humor have helped to make torturous chores tolerable. Thanks again.”
Missie Bender

“Linda did an outstanding job of helping me organize my basement, kitchen and child’s room. She works quickly and efficiently. Her systems make it easy to maintain a clutter-free environment.”
Highland Park

“My husband and I have learned life changing habits from Linda Goldman. My children are also learning from our new habits to let go of too many material items and make way for space. We have broken the pack rat chain!!”
Jody Franson

“Altogether Organized is the best investment I have ever made. They have taken a very complex office in which it was almost impossible to find anything and immediately improved it so much that I save hours of time. This is definitely a feel-good expense because I always feel better after each meeting.”
Highland Park

“How do you transform a gloomy storage room inside a landmarked school? A room so stuffed with potential “art stuff” that the human eye could not see the floor? Call Linda at Altogether Organized and watch a disaster turn into a creative spot for storage and future projects. The bonus was Linda smiled throughout the entire process.”
Sheri Lucterhand
Elementary School Art Teacher

“If you are ready to “get organized“ and you want to do it with efficiency, fun and great professional guidance then call Linda Goldman. She is the best!”
Debra High Altschul

“We are still in awe of the way you not only turned what had become a 'storeroom' back into an inviting Guest Room, but also transformed our Living Room and Dining Room back into rooms in which it is a pleasure to entertain! And you did all this in only a matter of hours! Even if we’d taken before and after pictures no one would believe them.“
Highland Park

“I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me in organizing my 'messy' office. After 5 years of just stacking papers in piles, with your system I can now find things in my files and drawers.”

“Linda makes you feel right at home-like you have known her for years. She helped us with our paper trail….her skills and knowledge are wonderful- simple and ready to apply rules to help stayed organized in the home.”
Michle Batz
Winthrop Harbor

“Linda Goldman of Altogether Organized is extremely helpful and warm and friendly in the process. She helped me so much to get set in my home. Through her I realized how important and fun organizing can be.”

"I hired Linda after a kitchen remodel left me with about 30% less cabinet space than I had in my original kitchen. I was under time pressure and I was staring at boxes and boxes of kitchen items that I couldn't find a home for. 
Linda was responsive and was able to squeeze me into her schedule to accommodate my time constraints. In just a couple of hours, Linda worked her magic and she rearranged and reorganized so that the right things were in the exact right places and I had room for everything! I would turn around and all of a sudden Linda would have an empty drawer to put more things in - I still can't figure out how she did that! I am so thankful for Linda's help every day - I love my new kitchen and feel incredibly organized and everything is right where I need when I need it! 
Not only is Linda efficient and great at what she does - she also has a great personality and it was a pleasure to spend time with her - we had a great time working on a project that I had dreaded for months. I highly recommend Linda!"
HW - As Posted on Houzz

"Thank you for being great to work with, allowing me to show my insecurites and shame, and at the same time, not making me feel judged. On top of that, having a great sense of humor and being fun to talk with while we work. I can't believe that this time last year, I was just planning to get started and now we've done so much to get this place in order! Looking forward to getting it finished in 2016. Thank you!!

"Altogether Organized, Linda Goldman, provides an outstanding organizational service. She is single-minded about producing a clean, productive and efficient space with incredible grace and good humor. I can't imagine how all that happiness translates into such effective work, but it does. Working with Linda feels like a gift to myself.  Beautiful order is restored and systems put in place that can be repeated in the future. It was the best value for my money that I have received in a long time! Working with Linda was a great experience and I highly recommend her."
As Posted on Yelp
Highland Park

“Moving parents in their 90's from a house they have lived in for 50 years was a daunting task. The house was full of so many memories, mementos and stuff, the task seemed almost insurmountable.

Mom needed to sort, donate, dispose and pack for a new home and we also had to prepare the house for showings and for a house sale. Egads! As mom became aware of the enormity of the challenge, the more overwhelmed she started to become. It was creating a great deal of anxiety until your team arrived on the scene.

I was impressed by so many things you did, but perhaps the one thing that impressed me the most was your kindness, patience and understanding of the emotional upheaval such a move entails. You treated mom with the utmost respect and so gently handled all those tough decisions. You never lost your patience, rushed her or forced her to make a decision. She so enjoyed working with you that I think she was sorry when the work was done!

Your professionalism and skill combined with your sensitivity to the situation made such a big difference. We couldn't ask for anything more. The move out was very successful as well as the move in. We could not have done it without you. Many thanks to you and your team.”

I first hired Linda to help me organize my moms apartment. 
See, I live in NY and my Mom lives in Chicago, making it very difficult for me to organize her. Anyway, her apartment was a mess and I was at my wits end trying to figure what to do or where to start. It was so overwhelming, that I felt paralyzed. Linda came in and without my help, took over. She was amazing!! She had everything organized in a few short hours. 
So when it was time for my mom to move, of course I called Linda. She came in and packed, arranged for several items to be picked up for donations, arranged for garbage to be picked up and disposed of, and brought several items into a resale shop for us. She made every single step of the way painless. I couldn't recommend Linda any more if I tried. She's one of a kind!
Leah Morgan 
New York, New York

Thanks Linda My husband  was absolutely floored when he saw the storage room.  I could hear his exclamation "Oh my GOSH!" all the way upstairs.  My son came running in and asked what happened and I heard my husband say "Look at all the space in here! "  My mom came today and said it was the prettiest thing she has seen - other than the Christmas tree.  Thank you SO MUCH!  Sometimes I just go down and turn on the light and look in there.  It's just the greatest feeling.

THANK YOU for being FAB @ what you do.  Also thank you for helping make it FUN to boot : )

"Linda, I l feel that you were one of the best things that I ever did for myself. You were such a positive, non-judgmental, and regulating presence. I was not able to get my act together on my own, and you helped me to move on in so many ways. I felt empowered and able to focus on other things because the mess was cleared.  It’s hard to explain how grateful I felt, and also smart. for recognizing the need and taking care of myself and my family. I am proud that I chose the best possible person, and will forever value your talent and expertise"

“Thank you so much for sending Lisa to help me organize my home. She was fantastic! She made it easy to sort through my piles and helped me from getting bogged down in the details. Also, she shared great ideas without being imposing. She definitely gave me the jumpstart that I needed and can't wait to have her back. We love Lisa!”
Katherine Gossard

"I am organized! With Linda's help everything has a place and there is a place for everything. She is an expert and surrounds herself with other professionals to help shred, appraise and sell what doesn't fit into your plan. I am organized!"

“I wish we owned a tiny Linda Goldman we could take out of the closet -- from a shelf she would have neatly arranged for the purpose -- and switch her on whenever we need her. She has totally changed the way we live. We now have places for all our stuff and so much less stuff! She helped us throw out years of things we didn't need and arrange and protect years of things we did need but often couldn't find. She is warm, thoughtful, empathetic and always smiling. She doesn't take over; she helps you do what you want done in a manner that suits you.”
Dr. Jeffrey Stern


“Meeting and hiring Linda was one of the best things that happened to my home. She organized every room as well as my photographs from three generations of family. As a bonus, she is great to work with, making otherwise tedious chores, fun. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”
Merle Simon

“I am so thrilled with my purchase from Altogether Organized, it was worth every penny! Ridding myself of physical clutter helped me reduce my mental clutter making me feel more relaxed and less anxious in my home environment.”
Mona H. Berman MA, LPC
Psychotherapist Specializing in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

“Linda Goldman has helped me transform my home -- from attic to basement -- into a well organized and more attractive place to live and work. She has implemented organizational systems that are easy to maintain in rooms throughout the house. I have recommended her enthusiastically to my friends.”

"Linda was excellent to work with - very respectful and professional.  She seeks to understand where the client wants to start and works toward their goals, whether setting up a filing system or decluttering a room. She presented a range of organizing options for me at each step and a variety of efficient strategies to stay organized. I had a very satisfying experience with Altogether Organized with excellent outcomes."


“Altogether Organized helped me set up my home office in a way I could have never done alone. My time with them was by far the best investment I've made all year. By the time my day with the Altogether Organized team was over I was already managing my to-do list differently! I now have a home office with a totally customized, easy-to-maintain organization system. Altogether Organized also provided me with the training and tools to continue on my own. Thanks so much for your help--I'm already less stressed and can't wait to start the next room!”
Lynn Miller

“DeeDee was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more!“
Joan Grossman
Realtor - Coldwell Banker
Deerfield, Illinois


“After just a few hours with you, my clutter is gone and everything seems to have a place. This has truly left me with a sense of clarity and calm. Thank you. Thank you.”

“Linda is not only a great organizer with great ideas; she is also a pleasure to work with. The time we spent together organizing my entire home, flew by. We had so much fun it didn’t seem like work at all!”
Pam Ross

“Thank you so much for all your help the other day. I got so much out of our appointment. I'm really hoping I can work with you again, you were such a huge help. I've told everyone I know how helpful it was to work with a professional like you. Thanks again!”


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