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It is hard to believe that the 2009 holiday season is already upon us.  Since the holidays are all about giving and receiving, the focus of this newsletter is gifts.  We'll take a look at: Gifts that won't cause clutter; Ways to make room for the new gifts you and your family will receive; and we'll remind you how to give yourself the gift of time everyday-- not just during the holidays.
This quarter's highlighted project will reveal how, with Lisa's expert assistance, one of our client's is happily celebrating the gift of an organized desk.
We hope that the season brings you and yours much joy and happiness.
With Warm Regards,

Making a donation 
Are you wondering how you'll ever make space for all of the new things you and your family will receive this holiday season?  Now is the perfect time to create room in your home before the gifts arrive. Fortunately, there are many wonderful options available for donating your excess items. Or maybe you'd like to sell what you aren't using and have a little extra holiday cash in hand.  Here are some ideas for how you can do either:
Donate to: Libraries, Little City of Hope Book Sale [email protected], Newberry Library's Annual Book Sale www.newberry.org and Books to Women in Prison  www.chicagobwp.com
Sell or Swap at: Used book stores like Half Price Books www.halfpricebooks.com                         

Sports Equipment
Donate to: The Sports Shed at www.thesportsshed.org
Sell to: Play it Again Sports at www.playitagainsports.com 
CDS and DVD's
Donate to:Libraries
Sell to
Electronic Games
Donate to: Any organization that accepts donations
Sell or trade into:
Children's Clothing
Donate to: Charitable organizations like Evanston School Children's Clothing Association
Sell to: Consignment stores like Principessa Children's Boutique www.principessaboutique.com and Hand Me Down's www.evanstonchildrensusedconsignmentclothingclothes.com  on the North Shore and in the city try The Second Child  www.2ndchild.com Teen's clothing can be sold at Plato's Closet at various locations www.platoscloset.com 

Adult Clothing

Donate to:  Charitable organizations that benefit the homeless like Full Circle for Sarah's Circle www.fullcircleresaleboutique.org and Wings for Women Resale Shops www.wingsprogram.com

Sell to:  Consignment stores like Upscale Resale in Libertyville, the Crowded Closet in Evanston and McShane's Exchange in the city www.mcshanesexchange.com

Household items & everything mentioned above 

Donate to:  A host of wonderful organizations benefiting a wide range of causes including:

The Cancer Federation at (800)-962- 3260, the Salvation Army at (773)-477-1300, Children's Memorial Hospital White Elephant Resale Shop (773)883-6184, Brown Elephant Resale Shop www.howardbrown.org, (773) 549-5943, The Ark Thrift Shop 773-862-5011 www.arkchicago.org, Hadassah House Resale Shop (847)433-6352 or (847) 677-6365, Our Lady of Perpetual Help's The Sharing Room www.olphglenview.org 847-729-1525 and Winnetka Congregational Church (847)446-0575.  


 This Quarter's
  "Highlighted" Project
  messy desk of AO client       
   clean desk of AO client  
This client had not kept up with his paperwork for several years.  He felt overwhelmed by the situation and this caused him a great deal of stress. Lisa helped him to organize his desk and papers and now he feels back in control and can quickly locate what he needs. 

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 popcorn & movie tickets


he best kind of present is one that a recipient really desires. For many people, receiving gifts that add more "things" to their household, isn't something they necessarily want and can even add stress to their holiday. Luckily, there are many wonderful gift options that won't add clutter and will be warmly received.
Consider these non-cluttering gift ideas for your loved ones:
Special day or evening out
Tickets to a sports event
Museum membership
Gym membership
Candy or food items
Theater Tickets
Ravinia Music Festival/symphony or concert tickets
Gift cards for gas or groceries
Gift Card for a garden nursery
Restaurant or Starbucks Gift Card
I-Tunes Card
Savings bonds
Charity cards from Charitygiftcertificates.org (recipients' select a cause of their choice)
NetFlix Subscription
Fresh flowers
Spa Services
Also, it may be time to revisit your own gift-giving traditions to make sure they are still a custom everyone is interested in following.  For example, one extended family has decided they'll only buy gifts for the children at the holidays instead of exchanging adult gifts as well. Another group of friends who always bought holiday gifts for each other decided to adopt a needy family to give gifts to instead.



appointment book

Put Time for Yourself
 on your Holiday
"To Do List"
Come December, many of us start feeling our stress levels rising. It often seems there is more to do than time to do it in: Baking, cooking, shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, giving & going to holiday parties, attending performances that our kids or grandkids are in and other holiday shows. Although it's all "good stuff" -- it can still leave you feeling exhausted!  And because we typically do so much for others during the holidays, we don't always take care of or make time for ourselves.  
So while you may already be feeling "overscheduled," be sure to schedule time for yourself into each day.  You don't have to carve out a lot of time, although that's o.k. too! Sometimes, just taking a 15-minute break to do something you enjoy can be very restorative. 
Here are some activities you may find relaxing and rejuvenating.
Take a nap
Get a massage
Watch your favorite TV show
Work out
Take a walk
Watch a movie
Listen to music
Have a cup of coffee
Catch up with a friend
Do nothing
Just remember, the holidays are for you too.  Happy Holidays!