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Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions or you can contact us with questions you may have.

What is the first step?

The process begins with a phone consultation with Linda, the owner of Altogether Organized. You will discuss the organizational challenges you are currently experiencing and your goals. Linda will work with you to strategize where to begin.

What happens at the first appointment?

Typically, we begin by surveying your space and reviewing your goals for getting organized. We’ll evaluate how your space is currently being used, identify opportunities to improve your current systems and outline the steps to get you back on track. Then we get right to work.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge by the hour. Our clients regularly tell us that our services are “worth every penny” and “money well spent”.

How long is each appointment?

For in-person appointments we have a minimum appointment time of three hours. Our appointments can be as long as six hours. Virtual appointments are one hour.

How long will it take me to get my space organized?

That depends on what you are organizing, how much you have, and how quickly you make decisions. After a first appointment, both you and your organizer will have a sense of how much you are able to accomplish in a given period of time. Our goal is to help you get your space organized as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we will adjust to a slower pace, if necessary, to meet your needs.

Will you make me get rid of things?

We promise we won’t be wrestling anything out of your hands! By asking you questions, we’ll help you make decisions about your belongings and encourage you to let you go of items that you don’t use or enjoy.

What supplies should I have on hand for my organizing session?

During our phone consultation we assess what supplies are needed for your particular project.

What if my home is the worst you’ve ever seen?

We’ve been in many, many homes and offices and it’s doubtful that yours is the worst. We view every project we take on as an exciting opportunity to help you create the home or workplace that you desire.

How do I maintain my space?

Our aim is to create a system that is easy for you to keep up and teach you the skills and strategies needed to maintain your home or workplace. Some of our clients ask us to make periodic visits to help them stay on track or refine their systems as their needs change.

How will you ensure my privacy?

We strictly follow the code of ethics as detailed by the National Association of Professional Organizers. We ensure that our client’s names, confidential and proprietary information will remain private and not be disclosed to others. In addition, our vehicles do not advertise our company name or services. We only use client’s names on our website with their permission.

What geographical areas do you work in?

Suburbs: North Shore and surrounding suburbs in Cook and Lake County. City: North Side and downtown Chicago

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