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Estate Organizing

Does sorting through the items a loved one left behind feel overwhelming?

You may have inherited a home after a loved one has died. Or you may need to remove items from an apartment or assisted living space.

You’re already suffering a loss. Now you’re expected to determine what to keep, sell, donate or dispose of. This can feel overwhelming at such an emotional time.

We provide sensitivity, understanding and clarity to support you through this process. We help in these ways:

Work by your side to help you choose what to keep, give to family and friends, or release

Connect you with estate sale professionals, appraisers and dealers as you need them

Arrange for other items to be donated, sold or disposed of


“There was 30+ years worth of stuff – some of it treasures, some of it garbage, and a lot in between. Her contacts were important for making things runs smoothly and getting good value for what we had, while minimizing the cost of final clean out.” -D.F., Evanston

“Working with Linda took the stress out of a very stressful situation. After my mother passed away, my sister and I needed to clean out her apartment. Not only a wonderful resource, but she is also a calm, organized, warm and considerate person. She truly knows what she is doing and she understands her clients and their needs.” -H.G.

“Linda’s professionalism, flexibility, and attitude could not be more worth it. I almost wish I had another house full of junk to ask for her help again. But not really, of course, since it’s an immensely stressful process. But Linda couldn’t have been better at curbing that stress.” -D.R., Skokie

Find peace in making good decisions during a vulnerable time.

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