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Stage & Sell Your Home

Is Your Home Ready to “Show Off”?

You’ve picked up and cleaned your house. But that’s just the first step in making it attractive to a buyer.

We help you create a space where people can see themselves living. When this happens, potential buyers are more likely to love and purchase your home. Here’s how we help:

Declutter and help you sort your belongings, so you only move what you want into your new home

Stage your home so it’s attractive to potential buyers—and still livable for you

Organize your belongings so they are ready for the upcoming move

Coordinate and arrange for items you no longer need to be donated, disposed of, or sold


“I quickly discovered how Linda made an otherwise completely daunting and overwhelming task so much fun. She not only helped me organize my house to show and sell, but taught me life skills that I will continue to use for a long time to come.” -G.B., Highland Park

“Still can’t get over what a great job you did and how great my house looks!!Wish I would have done this sooner!” -M.F., Highland Park

“Linda helped me when I was moving and consolidating two households into one. Her services are first rate and professional. She helped me reach my goals and deadlines for my move and she worked with me to arrange everything in my new home. She does all of this effortlessly and makes it fun!” – AF, Chicago

“I have worked with Linda more than once and have been so very pleased each time. The first time we used her was for prepping, packing and staging for a move. Linda is very kind, professional, works quickly and gets so much done in a short amount of time.” -D.C., Wilmette

Make it easy for buyers to love your home—and for you to move!

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