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Virtual Organizing

Does working remotely meet your needs?

Perhaps you would like some help with an organizing project but feel you could do much of it on your own if you just had some guidance and support. Or maybe, we are not located near each other. Virtual Organizing allows us to work together no matter where you are!

The process begins with a complimentary phone call to determine if this is a good solution for you. Assuming it is, we’ll set up a one hour video phone or Zoom call to talk through what’s currently in your space and walk through the steps necessary to meet your goals.

Although you’ll be doing the physical work we provide:

Guidance and support during our calls and in any scheduled follow up appointments

Expertise and encouragement

Accountability partnership to help you stay on track to complete your project

Here’s a Before and After Video from one of our client’s Virtual Organizing project.


“Have you ever had a project you think is so big and so bad that no one and nothing can tackle it? What was impossible for me was simple for her. Now, the space is transformed and I have more room than I need. It took way less time and a whole lot less money. ” -B.M.

“I hope to convey how incredibly talented Linda is at her job as well as what an absolute pleasure she is to work with! She is able to quickly assess ANY situation presented to her and help you arrive at decisions that never feel forced or pressured. And she is also able to do this virtually if need be!” -J.O., Evanston

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