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Office & Paper Organizing

Does your office make you feel productive—or like taking your work to a coffee shop?

Whether you have a corner office—or an office in a corner of your home—you go there to get work done.

It’s frustrating when you waste time looking for things you know are there. With piles of papers on your desk, chair or floor, it’s hard to focus and feels stressful. And it’s embarrassing when people call and you can’t immediately find the information you need.

We help create a welcoming, productive space that works for you. Here’s how we help:

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Eliminate paper piles

Sort and organize your papers

Clarify what to keep, toss and shred

Develop or refine your filing system

Teach you systems to process your email and paper, stay on top of your work and increase productivity


“I am happily working in my beautiful, inspirational office and am so thankful to you. Because of your time, I found the papers needed to close out my dad’s estate, used my computer to bookmark some sites that I would have clipped from magazines, and feel inner peace!!” -L.S., Deerfield

“After accumulating years of papers and receipts that I thought were ‘important’ and filing them in more than one location, I thought the job of organizing my papers would take hours and be terribly painful. Linda made the task seem almost effortless and believe it or not… FUN!” -L.B., Highland Park

“I now have a home office with a totally customized, easy-to-maintain organization system. Altogether Organized also provided me with the training and tools to continue on my own. Thanks so much for your help–I’m already less stressed!” -L.M., Deerfield

“You helped me dig out from what felt like a mountain of backlogged mail, bills, financial statements, notes, etc in my home office. You worked by my side to take care of all of this without me feeling a smidge of shame. I felt supported and guided. A giant weight has been lifted! I’m SO grateful!” -Evanston

“Altogether Organized is the best investment I have ever made. They have taken a very complex office in which it was almost impossible to find anything and immediately improved it so much that I save hours of time. This is definitely a feel-good expense because I always feel better after each meeting. ” -E.G., Highland Park

Are you ready to create an office that you enjoy working in?

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