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Design Consulting

Are you afraid of dragging disorganization into your new space?

Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, adding a rec room or home office, or even building a new home, the joy of creating a new space is that your wishes get top priority.

Your architect, decorator, and others who are customizing your space will ask how you’ll use each room. But they may not be focusing on ways that this space can help you to stay organized. That means some of the problems you have now—with clutter or trouble finding things—will remain.

Altogether Organized recommends solutions that reflect your lifestyle, are easy to use and maintain, and offer you a fresh start. Here is how we help:

Purge your unwanted items

Identify the items used in each room or space and where to put them

Create a plan for each area, so you know exactly where everything goes

Document your decisions to share with your architect and/or designer, so they can include these in their designs


“One of the best home design decisions I ever made was ask Linda to help me make sure our brand-new kitchen was going to be everything it was cracked up to be. I was having trouble wrapping my head around whether this beautiful drawing could possibly hold everything I wanted it to. Enter Linda, who wraps her head around such mammoth story problems with ease. Thanks to Linda‚Äôs insight and our systematic process, we did make a few important cabinet changes with the kitchen designer that have made our space even better.”

Create spaces that make it easy to stay organized.

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