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Home Organizing

Do you walk into your home and feel welcomed—or stressed?

Most people have places in their homes that they’re embarrassed to let others see. We regularly “pick up” rooms, but without a system for staying organized—one designed around how we live—“stuff” creeps back in. This can lead us to close doors and literally live smaller lives.

We can help you reclaim anything from a single closet to your whole house.

Don’t spend another minute unhappy in your home. Let us help you:

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Declutter and transform any or all rooms in your home, including kitchens, closets, playrooms, bathrooms, home offices, garages and basements

Let Go of unwanted/unneeded items

Organize so your items are right where you need them

Optimize to make the most of your space

Learn organizing skills

Systemize by setting up systems and habits to keep your space organized


“I used to live surrounded by clutter, and it was truly overwhelming. Over a series of visits that were truly enjoyable, she helped me purge and organize, one room at a time. Living in an organized home is wonderful, and the truth is, I could never have reached this point without Linda’s help.” -M.H., Morton Grove

“Thank you for being great to work with, allowing me to show my insecurities and shame, and at the same time, not making me feel judged. On top of that, having a great sense of humor and being fun to talk with while we work.” -BB, Evanston

“I hired Linda after a kitchen remodel left me with about 30% less cabinet space than I had in my original kitchen. In just a couple of hours, Linda worked her magic and she rearranged and reorganized so that the right things were in the exact right places and I had room for everything!” -H.W., Evanston

“Meeting and hiring Linda was one of the best things that happened to my home. She organized every room as well as my photographs from three generations of family. As a bonus, she is great to work with, making otherwise tedious chores, fun.” -M.S., Bannockburn

“Linda has been so important to our family, helping us make room for our new baby girl. She has truly helped to simplify our chaotic life! It feels so good to purge and reorganize and make room for the new person living here.” -G.S., Chicago

“I love the sense of calm I feel once Linda has worked her magic on a room. Thank you so much, Linda, for adding serenity where there was once the stress of clutter! And I no longer waste time searching.” -C.E., Highland Park

Are you ready to create an inviting, open and clean home that you love?

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