June 13th, 2021

“How Many Do You Need?” These Pictures Tell a Story

“How many do you need”, is a key question I ask clients when we are sorting, organizing and trying to maximize their space. Most people have LOTS of things they don’t use, taking up valuable (and often times limited!) storage space. By reducing the unused multiples collected over time, we can create ”new” space —increasing the options for how and where you keep the items that matter most to you.

Is there a category you suspect you have an overabundance of? If so, here’s what to do:

• Pull all these similar items together so you can see exactly what you have.
• Consider how many you actually use and/or need.
• Let go of the excess.

Sorting ahead of time, allows you to make informed decisions which, hopefully, makes this process easier.

Over the years I’ve shared photos in my newsletter and on my Altogether Organized Facebook page of some of my client’s “collections” to show just how much space is being taken up. While you may not have an abundance of the specific things in these pictures, consider if there are items you don’t use that are taking up just as much (or more) space in your home or office.

How Many Handbags Do You Need?

How Many User Manuals Do You Need?

How Many Garment Bags Do You Need?

How Many Sports Bras Do You Need?

How Many Baseball Hats Do You Need?

How Many Command Strips Do You Need?

How Many Gift Boxes Do You Need?

How Many Hotel Slippers Do You Need?

How Many Lego Sets Do You Need?

How Many Bags Do You Need?

Remember, letting go of the excess will open up space and opportunities to keep the things you value and use in the places you want them to be, where you can see exactly what you have and easily access it. I’d love to hear how you use the space you create! You can reach me at 847-921-0963 or at [email protected]


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