We love what we do and are told that it shows! Our clients tell us they appreciate that we are nonjudgmental, confidential and professional in our work. We strive to make the office and home organizing process enjoyable.

“After just a few hours with you, my clutter is gone and everything seems to have a place. This has truly left me with a sense of clarity and calm. Thank you. Thank you.”

M.B., Deerfield

“Altogether Organized helped me set up my home office in a way I could have never done alone. My time with them was by far the best investment I’ve made all year. By the time my day with the Altogether Organized team was over I was already managing my to-do list differently! I now have a home office with a totally customized, easy-to-maintain organization system. Altogether Organized also provided me with the training and tools to continue on my own. Thanks so much for your help–I’m already less stressed and can’t wait to start the next room!”

Lynn Miller, Deerfield

“Linda was excellent to work with – very respectful and professional. She seeks to understand where the client wants to start and works toward their goals, whether setting up a filing system or decluttering a room. She presented a range of organizing options for me at each step and a variety of efficient strategies to stay organized. I had a very satisfying experience with Altogether Organized with excellent outcomes.”

Sharon, Wilmette

“Linda Goldman has helped me transform my home — from attic to basement — into a well organized and more attractive place to live and work. She has implemented organizational systems that are easy to maintain in rooms throughout the house. I have recommended her enthusiastically to my friends.”

L.W., Winnetka

“I am so thrilled with my purchase from Altogether Organized, it was worth every penny! Ridding myself of physical clutter helped me reduce my mental clutter making me feel more relaxed and less anxious in my home environment.”

Mona H. Berman MA, LPC
Psychotherapist Specializing in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

“Meeting and hiring Linda was one of the best things that happened to my home. She organized every room as well as my photographs from three generations of family. As a bonus, she is great to work with, making otherwise tedious chores, fun. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”

Merle Simon, Bannockburn

“I wish we owned a tiny Linda Goldman we could take out of the closet — from a shelf she would have neatly arranged for the purpose — and switch her on whenever we need her. She has totally changed the way we live. We now have places for all our stuff and so much less stuff! She helped us throw out years of things we didn’t need and arrange and protect years of things we did need but often couldn’t find. She is warm, thoughtful, empathetic and always smiling. She doesn’t take over; she helps you do what you want done in a manner that suits you.”

Dr. Jeffrey Stern, Riverwoods

“I am organized! With Linda’s help everything has a place and there is a place for everything. She is an expert and surrounds herself with other professionals to help shred, appraise and sell what doesn’t fit into your plan. I am organized!”

JW, Chicago

“Linda, I l feel that you were one of the best things that I ever did for myself. You were such a positive, non-judgmental, and regulating presence. I was not able to get my act together on my own, and you helped me to move on in so many ways. I felt empowered and able to focus on other things because the mess was cleared. It’s hard to explain how grateful I felt, and also smart. for recognizing the need and taking care of myself and my family. I am proud that I chose the best possible person, and will forever value your talent and expertise”

JK, Northbrook

“THANK YOU for being FAB @ what you do. Also thank you for helping make it FUN to boot : )”

Lisa, Highwood

“Thanks Linda My husband was absolutely floored when he saw the storage room. I could hear his exclamation “Oh my GOSH!” all the way upstairs. My son came running in and asked what happened and I heard my husband say “Look at all the space in here! ” My mom came today and said it was the prettiest thing she has seen – other than the Christmas tree. Thank you SO MUCH! Sometimes I just go down and turn on the light and look in there. It’s just the greatest feeling.”

KG, Wilmette

“I first hired Linda to help me organize my moms apartment.
See, I live in NY and my Mom lives in Chicago, making it very difficult for me to organize her. Anyway, her apartment was a mess and I was at my wits end trying to figure what to do or where to start. It was so overwhelming, that I felt paralyzed. Linda came in and without my help, took over. She was amazing!! She had everything organized in a few short hours.
So when it was time for my mom to move, of course I called Linda. She came in and packed, arranged for several items to be picked up for donations, arranged for garbage to be picked up and disposed of, and brought several items into a resale shop for us. She made every single step of the way painless. I couldn’t recommend Linda any more if I tried. She’s one of a kind!”

Leah Morgan, New York, New York

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