April 28th, 2021

Why A 7-Year-Old Believes I’m a Princess

Recently, while my client’s young children were at school, I organized a cabinet for their many art supplies. Later that day, her 7-year-old daughter saw the result and exclaimed, “Mommy, the lady who did this must be very nice and very beautiful!”

My reaction when my client relayed this to me was, “That is so adorable!”

I imagined that this little girl thought of me as a Disney princess who appeared, waved a magic wand and made things better. This being the closest I’ll ever get to princess status, her sentiment kept me smiling all day. Later I realized what she really was conveying is the simple truth that everyone wants to know what they have, where it is, and that they can easily access it.

I received a similar message when another client’s husband learned she and I would be organizing their home office — which was “Don’t move any of my stuff!” While not quite as adorable as the 7-year-old, he was basically expressing the same thing. He wanted to make sure he knew where all of his things were and could easily access them. This story too had a happy ending, however, as far as I know I was not deemed a princess.

It’s not uncommon for clients to say that it feels “magical” when they know where everything is. We feel less stressed, more productive, in control and calmer when we do.
Although I don’t have a magic wand, I can help you create the home or office you’ve always imagined. But please note, I must be home by midnight!

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