February 19th, 2011

Altogether Organized Home Organizing Tips for Simplifying Your Life

  • Determine Your Priorities– Decide what is most important to you in your life now, then consider all the activities you are involved in and decide to engage only in activities that align with your priorities.
  • Develop systems – For example, establish a process for how you handle the papers your kids bring home from school, how you plan your meals and grocery shop, and how you handle bills and paperwork. Having a set routine saves time and helps you to work more efficiently.
  • Have a place for each item in your home. That way when you need a certain item you know exactly where it is. Also, decluttering is much easier when you know where everything belongs.
  • Spend time putting things away each day. It’s much easier to attain mental clarity when there isn’t a lot of visual disarray. Try to spend 10 minutes each morning and/or 10 minutes each night putting things back where they belong.
  • Only keep items that you like or have a useful purpose. Any item that doesn’t fit these criteria is just taking up your valuable space and the more you have the harder it is to stay organized. Keep a box for donations and always say yes when an organization calls asking for them!
  • Use only one calendar and make sure it has space to record daily tasks. Don’t rely on your memory- writing everything down reduces stress and ensures you won’t forget. Put personal and professional items on the same calendar to eliminate scheduling conflicts. Also, keep a master list of the projects you are working on and break them down into manageable steps. Then make sure these steps are plotted onto your calendar.

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