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January 15th, 2013

Get Organized – One Day at A Time

At this time of year many people put “Get Organized” on their To-Do List. Some hire a professional organizer like me to help them achieve their goals, others decide to tackle the job on their own. If you’re in the latter group but are feeling overwhelmed by the task, here’s what I suggest: Do one […]

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March 25th, 2011

Spring Cleaning your Closet

Although it’s still a little chilly, spring is on the way. Soon you can banish those turtle necks and sweaters to the less accessible sections of your closet and drawers to make room for your spring and summer clothes. As you put your fall and winter clothes away, determine if there were any items you […]

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March 9th, 2011

Putting a Value on the “Stuff” You’ve Donated

If you itemized the non-monetary donations you made in 2010, you may be wondering how to assign a value to each item. According to the IRS, the “value” should reflect the fair market value of the item. So how do you determine “fair market” value? There are several resources that can help: The Salvation Army […]

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February 28th, 2011

Five Most Common Organization Issues In North Shore Homes

In my 10 years of experience as a professional organizer helping North Shore residents bring order to their homes, I’ve found many of us face the same top organizing challenges. Here’s what they are and how I recommend resolving them. 1) Paper Piles –We get lots of paper every day and it just keeps coming! […]

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February 19th, 2011

Altogether Organized Home Organizing Tips for Simplifying Your Life

Determine Your Priorities– Decide what is most important to you in your life now, then consider all the activities you are involved in and decide to engage only in activities that align with your priorities. Develop systems – For example, establish a process for how you handle the papers your kids bring home from school, […]

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